YOU Netflix Series Review 2020: Why We Love it

Netflix returned with a New Year gift for the fans. With the second season of ‘YOU,’ the buzz for the third season has already begun. After a long wait of a whole year, the fans got the second season with all the madness and psychopath elements of the first season with your favorite character Joe. Both the seasons have been a hit and got good reviews mostly.

YOU Netflix Series: Plot

The plot revolves around the character ‘Joe Goldberg’, played by Penn Badgley, who is a compulsive, obsessive, and neurotic sociopath. Both the season shows how he sees a sweet, ordinary, next door girl, and fell for her. In the first season, he fell for ‘Guinevere Beck’ or ‘Beck’, as she likes to call herself, played by Elizabeth Lail. The situation starts to turn dangerous with his obsession increasing as he kills anyone who’d come between them. He goes to any extent to get her and in the climax ends up killing her and framing her psychiatrist, Dr. Nicky, played by John Stamos, for her murder.

This shows that he can cross any limit, even kill the person he loves. In the second season of YOU Netflix series, he fells for ‘Love Quinn’, played by Victoria Pedretti and the journey of mania continues. However, this time Joe hide from an old mystery ex of his, ‘Candace Stone’, played by Ambyr Childers who we saw at the end of season one. This season, the writer really played with the minds of people when the ending twist made everyone jump up from their places. So, get ready for a journey full of ‘Wows’ and ‘Whoa.’

YOU Netflix series: A bumpy ride leading to a shocking climax

I referred to YOU as a bumpy ride because the twists spices up the episodes throughout, however, one or two lack also make it unsatisfactory at points. The murders and psychopathic behavior of Joe keep you glued to the series. The explicit performances by each supporting cast member, especially in season 2, makes you an admirer.

The plot though revolves around Joe, but it also gives perfect screen time to each individual. The bold characters like ‘Peach Salinger’, Beck’s best friend, played by Shay Mitchell and ‘Paco’, Joe’s neighbor, played by Luca Padovan, both did amazing in the first season. And, ‘Ellie and Delilah’ Joe’s neighbor in the second season, played by Jenna Ortega and Carmela Zumbado respectively, ‘Forty Quinn’, Love’s twin brother, played by James Scully, ‘Will’, the guy whose identity Joe steals and keeps him captive and later on becomes friends after he releases him for helping him, played by Robin Lord Taylor, and even Love’s friend squad, all did justice to their roles. The way they showed the interaction of Joe with each character is done with perfection. His love for both Beck and Love was portrayed perfectly. His concern for Paco, Ellie, and Delilah, and also Forty, seemed genuine. Even the crazy Quinn family was presented in the best way possible.

Why We Love “YOU Netflix Season”:

YOU Netflix Series


The best part is how they managed to make the audience empathize with such a character like Joe, who is a lunatic. It is very difficult to make a character empathy worth yet at the same time audience disgust from him. However, characters like Candace and Beck somewhere disappointed the viewers. Candace’s character was the one where season 1 had ended and the audience was expecting a strong role there but got dissatisfied when it died without any major part, and didn’t have much to offer both character and acting-wise. With Beck’s character audiences said that if it had more to it, it might be fun, like Love’s character has its own mad secrets and twisted physiognomies.

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Another setback was that audiences really loved the first season, so the bar was set really high. However, the second season at the start was not considered interesting but felt rather boring. Due to this many people had already quit watching it and didn’t wait for the end. It seemed like an exact copy of season 1, which it was to some extent. But, the climax was mind-boggling and changed everything. So now we cannot wait for season 3 of YOU Netflix series!

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