Why Money Heist Netflix Series has created such a buzz?

Netflix has managed to create its buzz with its extraordinary and extreme intriguing shows. It captivates the audience with new content. When a show becomes a hit, it does not wait to drop a new season for it. And now, one of the most popular Money Heist Netflix Series is ready to rock it soon in 2020. So, as Netflix released the trailer for the Money Heist Netflix series, let us look back at the past seasons and review them.

Money Heist Netflix Series: Plot

The basic story is narrated by the primary character “Silene Oliveira” who takes on the name Tokyo, as a thief, played by Úrsula Corberó. The anecdote is that a troop of thieves enters the Royal Mint of Spain to rob and perform the greatest heist of the world. The plot of the Money Heist Netflix series then revolves around how this group which is trained by the Professor spends days in the Mint with hostages and robs the Mint by printing their own money.

The Professor is the sharp mind behind these plans and is also helping them from outside while Inspector Raquel Murillo is the officer for this case. However after season 2, the heist was done and Inspector Raquel and the Professor fells for each other and we see them together in season 3 with the rest of the group and a few new added character to save Rio, one of the members, from police torture, and hence, robs the Bank of Spain.

Why Money Heist Netflix Series has created such a buzz?

The adventures of the heist lead on to an atrocious spin of events, exploring from twist to twist in Money Heist Netflix Series. From the captivating history of the Professor and his love angle with the cop, to the romantic and confusing love stories of the hijackers with either each other or with the hostages, moves the audience and keeps them connected to the characters emotionally.

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However, throughout this emotional roller coaster, the chaos created between the police the hijackers increases the tension in the environment and with the death of certain important characters; the show hitchhikes and hits the audience by surprises which leaves them stun. The best part is that no angle is shown too deeply that it might bore the audience. In fact, each character is presented in such a way that the audience feels for them just as the writers or director wants them to feel. The show at no point becomes boring.

Building up the suspense

The first season, which showed how they entered the Mint and the plan, was a delight for the audience, and with the second season, and the bam and boom of the rifles and bombs and bullets, the show became more interesting.

Finally, the twist at the end of each episode is set up with such manner that the viewer is by nature tempted to watch the next episode, and you will not even notice when all the 3 seasons will end, leaving with the cravings for the fourth season, which we are all are looking forward to. The turn of events in this season seems like more enthralling than ever before, from what we see in the trailer.

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