Which Stranger Things Character are You?

Which of these Stranger Things legends are you? Take this amazing quiz and find out …!


What's your best quality?

What's your favourite subject at school?

Who's the coolest person in Hawkins?

Pick an ice cream flavour!

Do you have any special abilities?

Pick a quote:

Which word describes you best?

Which Stranger Things Character are You?
You are: ELEVEN

Stranger things character eleven

You can move things with your mind, plus you're an absolute hero!
You are: STEVE

Steve Stranger things character

You're the best ice cream scooper in Hawkins & you're a total hero, too!
You are: Lucas


You're a loyal, brave friend who loves Dungeons & Dragons!
You are: DUSTIN


You're heroic computer know-all who's here to save the day!
You are: MIKE


You're a creative thinker, Lover, and Hero.

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