Unfinished Stories that Need to be Completed in Anne with an E Season 4

Anne with an E season 4 will be made. Or so we hope.

The zeal and enthusiasm with which Anne with an E fans are pursuing the renewal of the series makes us pretty hopeful that our favorite Netflix Series will most probably be renewed, soon. Be it trending on Twitter or putting up billboards in NYC, the Anne with An E family is doing all it possibly can to bring Anne back.

As amazing as the last season of the Netflix series was, there are some aspects of the story that were left unfinished. Here are the top 4 unfinished stories that we NEED to see completed in Anne with an E Season 4.

4). Diana and Jerry:

Although apparently the story between the two is finished, we just can’t help but hope that it isn’t. Yes, Dianna is off to Queens and Jerry is still working in the Gables BUT hear me out, there’s always hope. Specifically, now that Miss Stacy is in the picture. From what we’ve seen (and well, assumed) Jerry must be living at Green Gables now.

So maybe, just maybe, Matthew and Marilla would send him to school in the morning and he’d be completing his tasks in the evening. With a little extra effort from Miss Stacy, maybe Jerry could get into Queens too and become a learned young man, one that Diana can not say No to.

Anne with an E season 4


Well, that’s just how we hope the story goes. There could be 100 different ways to end their story but we would definitely like to see more of their story.

3). Ka’kwet and her Parents:

One story we NEED to see a happy ending in Anne with an E season 4 is that of Ka’kwet and her parents. Her parents won’t leave their little girl alone, that we know for sure. However, we would absolutely love to see how the story goes on and the innocent children locked up in the school get their freedom.

We are all for a happy reunion of not just Ka’kwet but all the children with their families and the strictest of punishments for their (rotten) captors.

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2). Anne and Gilbert:

Anne and Gilbert



Needless to say, the one thing we can NOT wait to see more of in Anne with an E Season 4 is the budding love story between Anne and Gilbert. Universities apart yet connected at heart (okay that rhymes, yay), we’re thrilled to see how their lives move forward, hand in hand, together!

1). Miss Stacy and Bash:

Dearest Netflix, this is a story that definitely needs more screen time. Miss Stacy and Bash both need companionship and love, and we’re guessing they will find it in each other. Moreover, we also want to see Baby Delphine growing up in Avonlea, (preferably in the loving care of not just bash but miss Stacy as well).

To sum of it all up, Dear Netflix, PLEASE DO RENEW THE SERIES AND GIVE US ANNE WITH AN E SEASON 4 and soon. To state the obvious, we just can’t wait!

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