TV Shows that Ended on a bad note like Anne With an E


Moonlight ended with someone giving Talbot a list of all the vampires in L.A. and no explanation after that. Like the beginning of the vampire apocalypse. Exposing every vampire in L.A. and basically making a hit list. We don’t know what happened after that. And a lot of people wanted to see what happened to Joseph and Mick. and know more about Joseph’s story, his background.

All the history he witnessed. And with what happened to Coraline, when Lance was talking about how there will be consequences for Coraline’s actions, and mick was thinking “the fear of where Lance is taking her.” why do I get the feeling it’s gonna cost her, her life?


Salem ended with Anne Hale pregnant after magically transporting Gloriana’s child into herself. And basically being the Queen of Salem. The woman in charge. What happened? Did she turn evil? Surrender to the devil? Even though she killed satan in his human form. I wanted to see what happened after that. Did she give birth to a boy or a girl? And it basically ended with Cotton Mather spending eternity in hell.

I really hope Anne with an E doesn’t end the same way these other two did. Leaving with more Questions than it solved. Originally, I saw on the tracking list that the show ended with season 2. So I was very surprised that the petition to bring it back for a 3rd season actually worked. up until now, anytime a show was canceled and a petition was up to bring it back, no amount of signatures ever worked.

This was the first time I’ve ever seen a petition successfully bring back a show. But now, tracking is saying season 4 is canceled. And I’ve heard that the last episode of season 3 left with more questions and no explanation. I haven’t watched it yet, because I’m currently in the middle of another series. But I’ll watch it when I’m done.

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  1. Michele TAYLOR says:

    I wish Ann with a e would continue on, it was taking all of our imaginations on a beautiful journey.

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