Titans Netflix Series Complete Review

Joyous days are back for the DC fans. Yes! You heard it right. DC brings you characters from your favorite comics Teen Titans, with your favorite Titans on Netflix. This 2 seasons’ show is based on the old Titan comics and cartoons, or like a remake of them. So, put on your seatbelts DC fans because you are about to experience your childhood characters in a new form and style.

Titans Netflix Series: Plot

The story is about the four main Titans and basically how they work as a unit to diminish the evil. In both seasons the titans work on a mission in both seasons against different antagonists. The main Titans include Robin whose real name is ‘Dick Grayson’, played by Brenton Thwaites and is a sidekick of Batman whose real name is ‘Bruce Wayne’, played by Iain Glen. Then there is Raven, whose name is ‘Rachel Roth’ played by Teagan Croft. The third Titan is Starfire whose real name is ‘Kory Anders’, played by Anna Diop. And finally, my personal favorite, a most fun Beast boy whose real name is ‘Gar Logan’, played by Ryan Potter. Other than these, more Titans from the original Titan series are also there such as Hank, Dawn, Donna Troy, Jason Todd (the new Robin), Rose Wilson, Conner, Garth, and Don.

Titans 1st Season:

In the first season, the story revolves around Rachel/Raven, who is possessed by some evilness that stays inside her. She is scared that she would be life-threatening to anyone, as she does not have any control over herself a might use her powers for the worst. Dick protects her throughout while the others also help him. Kory though has lost her memory and so she forgot that she came from her planet to end Rachel. However, she also helps to keep her safe. Then the story continues with different plots and turns and finally reveals that Rachel’s real parents are actually the real villains here.

In this journey, Rachel learns about her mother, Angella, first who eventually leads her to her father, Trigon, so as to save Gar. She then learns that they both were after Rachel as she was a hope for the return of her father’s power, who is from another land. The last episode takes us to a different scene where Dick chooses his evilness to take over him when he had to face

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Titans: 2nd Season:

The second season begins and Trigon is defeated and the Titans unite to work together as a team against crime. Dick, Jason, Rachel, and Gar with Bruce recreate the Titans at Titans Tower. This time an old enemy, Deathstroke, strikes again. The team together tries to fight but Deathstroke with his strategies manages to separate them. However, they all managed to defeat him in the end, but there is a big loss at the end we can see.

Titans Netflix Series:

Darkness overloaded in a DC comic Now, the first question of fans is always that if Titans is exactly like the comic, or did they make changes. Well, to answer that, yes there are changes. Because unlike the comic, this series is full of darkness. the show has a lot to offer to DC comparing it to other movies and shows of DC that recently have come out. Each character has done their job nicely. No regrets for DC fans.

However, there are some angles left unattended, and some characters are really underwritten. But, DC fans would have it as a treat, a fun superhero experience. Season 2, however, seems more colorful and apt compared to season 1, hence, more like the comic. As at the end of season 2, some plots are left unresolved. Hence, let us wait for season 3 for another fun and adventurous season.

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