The Stranger Netflix Series is interestingly strange

When it comes to thriller, Netflix has managed to keep its class as well as bring to us such suspense that keeps the fans on their toes. However, this year, with the release of The Stranger Netflix series, it has not created that much of a buzz. Though the show had all the ‘Oh my god’ moments, but still, it is unable to make it to the fans’ hearts. So, here is why The Stranger Netflix series are exciting but boring at the same time.

The Stranger Netflix Series: Plot

The plot revolves around Adam Price, played by Richard Armitage, a lawyer, who meets a stranger and finds out a secret of his wife, Corrine Price, played by Dervla Kirwan. From this instant, his perfect family starts to tear up. His wife goes missing leaving behind only a message. However, this sudden disappearing of his wife makes him suspicious. At the same time, the whole town goes through a mess. While Adam looks for his wife, others in town have their own problems to deal with. A load of cash is stolen from the sports fund and Corrine is blamed as she was the treasurer.

A dead alpaca is found dead somewhere and when investigated, Officer Johanna and his partner DC Wesley find a teenage boy naked, in critical situation. Then they find out about the party that the students were having in a jungle, which is shown in the first scene of the show. Adam’s son was also at this party with his friend Mike. It is found later on that it was Mike who had killed the alpaca under a drug, which was given to him by a third friend of theirs, Daisy. She did this to avenge her sister as she thought that he leaked her photos.

On the other hand, a third officer, named Katz, tries to find the stranger as he is working for a businessman, under the table, to make extra for his daughter’s treatment. Later, in The Stranger Netflix series, it is revealed that her daughter was the one who uploaded the photos and told daisy that Mike had done it as she liked Mike and got jealous of Daisy’s sister as she once saw them talking. In search of the Stranger, and protecting his client, Katz killed Heidi, who was a friend of Johanna, and tries to frame Corrine.

Meanwhile, the stranger goes on blackmailing people and it turns out that she is the daughter of an Adam’s client. The client had killed his wife, the stranger’s mother, to keep her with him and told everyone that the wife left them. Then the stranger tells that her actual father was Adam’s father and she is his step sister.  In the end, we find that Adam’s neighbor, Mike’s father had killed Corrine and buried her, so, Adam shoots him. Johanna puts the blame for these on Katz as well and the strangers run away.

Reason why The Stranger Netflix series is so strangely interesting

The show is a spiral, going round and round and in fact it is a maze. You enter and then you just get lost, not knowing where anything is leading, or what is happening around. Slowly, you realize that all the ways of the maze are connected in one way or the other. However, you still do not have a clue about the ending of the maze. It’s like even after you come out of it, many issues are left undealt inside only. This is how The Stranger Netflix series are really.

Emotionally Intact

The most powerful and impactful quality of ‘The Stranger’ Netflix series is its ability to keep the audience emotionally intact with the characters. Every emotion of every character is put forward with this perfection that the viewer understands the rush that goes through that character. Even the minor characters’ emotions are written, portrayed, and performed with such perfection that you can see the sincerity in their eyes.

For example, when you see Adam in The Stranger Netflix series, you feel that compassion and desperation. You can actually see that a man is looking for a lost wife and is confused and has many emotions running through him all at once. His anger and his affection both are prominent and come out perfectly according to the situation. Like when he first heard about Corrine’s fake pregnancy, he anger and concern, both are seen together and his confusion can be felt.

Besides Adam, the emotion of his two sons are also prominent, though their role and screen time is very minor, but as much as we see, we can totally feel that pain that two boys might go through, if their mum goes missing. Along with them, the personal life of Officer Johanna is also seen. We can always see those looks of grief in her eyes when it comes to her friend’s death. Though her scenes with her ex-husband are very less and very insignificant, still we see that emotion from the dialogues and expressions.

And, not forgetting Katz, who was first seen as a cold blooded murderer, but we also feel his pain through his acting when he finds out about his daughter. And, most importantly, the emotions of the most mysterious character, The Stranger herself, are organized in such a manner that it seems like there are layers to this character. So, emotionally speaking, The Stranger Netflix series is a treat.

Loopholes, empty spaces, and unfinished plot-lines

It is not wrong to say that The Stranger Netflix series is not a very interesting one. They have tried to add many plots and twist; however, they are not able to make the show any more exciting. The show becomes boring after every big revelation. The only thing that keeps the audience going is the thirst to see all the knots open at the end. However, this is the most irritating part of the show. It is so frustrating that at the end many story-lines are left unfinished. There are many plots that are either poorly explained, or not explained at all.

When you see the story of the alpaca and the party, it seemed so important. It was later on discovered that it has nothing to do with the stranger in any kind. Even the boy who was found in the woods was linked to all of this but turns out, it was also not important. In fact, it was left as so insignificant, that they even forgot to show what happened to that case. We still have no clue, what happened to Dante after he ran away from the sport ground worker.

Then, Katz daughter plot was left unfinished entirely. We came to know that she was the one who posted pictures of Daisy’s sister. She did not receive any punishment for anything like that. Also, it was shown that she was drugged by her own mom, but with her dad arrested, the logical explanation was that she continued to live with her mom, or either the aunt her dad left her with. But, we do not know it.

Corrine’s fake pregnancy plot was also a loophole in The Stranger Netflix series. You ask why? Well, yeah they explained why she did it. But, in the start she said that there was more to this. This dialogue kept on repeating, making the viewers’ believe that the reason must be really big. However, it didn’t turn out to be that great. Even though, the explanation was not proved, but we assume that it was correct that she did it because of Adam’s affair. But, this doesn’t seem that big a deal. Hence, we hope to see a second season, much more interesting, to see all these plots solving though there is no news on that yet!

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