Stranger Things Season 4: Plot Twists, Upcoming Release Date, Cast and Trailer

Netflix has renewed Stranger things for its season 4. Yes, folks it is happening, congratulations. Producer Shawn Levy has confirmed that season four is definitely happening and added that there’s a good chance of beyond seasons as well which is as of now remain undecided.

Upcoming release dates and trailer On Sept 30th , Netflix confirmed the return of season four. Rumors says that there’ll be total of 9 episodes as visible from the pile of 9 unfinished scripts seen in a picture shared by “stranger writer” on twitter.

The name of the first episode is Chapter One: The Hellfire Club and rest are not known yet. The finale episode of the season 3 kept us awaken for nights, thinking “Who is this American Prisoner?” and “Did Hopper really dies?” Lot of fan based theories and drama followed but in the Season 4 trailer we can see the shaved head of hopper working in the snowy filed of Kamchatka. Well, it’s not much of a surprise for us that he’s alive, no one dies that easy. Remember “keep the door open three inches” uttered by hopper. Well, the gate to the Upside Down was did left open. Additionally, we can see David Harbour dropping hints on Instagram, shifting his profile image and uploading pictures about the twins. Can it mean two extra demogorgons? Russian twins having capabilities like the Eleven? Calm your horses, we’ll find it all in the upcoming season.

The crew started filming for 4 th season in February 2020 itself and shot the scenes from Lithuania but then thanks to the global pandemic, it was shut down but now it’s back in the process and we can expect the season by spring or summer of 2022.


Jamie Campbell will be joining the 4 th season as an orderly at psychiatric hospital with 7 more characters including Jonathan’s new best-friend, a new jock of Hawkins School and a Russian guard.

Plot of Stranger Things Season 4:

Season 4 is more likely to concentrate on Eleven and if she will be able to get her powers again. Since she loses her powers in the end of season 3 and with the upcoming threat of Upside down, regaining her powers are the only shot to locate hopper. Also, it has been affirmed that Hopper himself is The American and what's more is that the Russians have possessed a Demogorgon but HOW still stays to be clarified yet.

And the season 4 trailer pretty much screams that the Upside Down will be the main setup of this chapter amongst many. We also witnessed a conflict between the group members in the third season’s end due to which Joyce, Will and Eleven left Hawkins. The dynamics of the two groups and the long distance relationship of some will now come to a test.

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