Top 6 Seasons to watch on Netflix in March

The new year is here!… for two months now and summer is on its way. Let’s talk about the Netflix seasons we’re going to fall asleep while watching on our couch and/or bed!

6 Seasons to Watch on Netflix in March…

1. Crash Landing on You:

Watch out, this might make you feel single. This is a Korean TV series that’s really trending. Its new episodes are coming out in March. It is about a South Korean woman who crash-lands in North Korea and is found by a North Korean army officer. He decides to provide her shelter and secretly help her find her way back home. During their journey, the two eventually fall in love despite their countries’ conflicts.

The series has new weekly episodes coming in March on Netflix.

2. She:

Craving some undercover action? Watch SHE Season. She is a new Indian crime series. It portrays the story of a female constable who puts her life on the line and goes undercover to apprehend an underworld gang.

The show will air on Netflix on 20th March.

3. Freud:

Set in 19th century Vienna, young Sigmund Freud investigates a murder conspiracy alongside an inspector and a psychic. The show is bound to give you chills and goosebumps.

Get your popcorns in the oven on 23rd March for Freud.

4. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Volume 6)

The Patriot Act is a very popular and interesting series with the host, Hasan Minhaj alongside an amazing crew, manages to deliver important and serious news around the globe such as student loan debts, drug abuse, etc. with a comedic touch (not in an offensive way though) in thirty-minute episodes! The Patriot Act host really takes the news to a whole other level.

Get ready to be educated with Hasan Minhaj on 29th March with season 6!

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5. Elite (Season 3)

Elite is a Spanish TV series. The show is about three working-class students who are offered scholarships to a private elite school in Spain after their own school collapses. The working-class students and the upper class have conflicts which eventually lead to murder. The series has out for quite a while and is renewed for a third season.

Binge-watch the show until 13th March when its third season is released.

6. Bloodride

Want to get spooked? Watch Bloodride! Bloodride is a Norwegian horror anthology series. It follows the story of many passengers who board a bus heading towards a grim, frightful and anonymous destination.

Get goosebumps on March 13th on Netflix.

So, these are some of the series worth watching. If you think of some others, let us know in the comments below!

Kashf Jahangir

As University Student, Netflix is a safe haven for me, away from all the quizzes and assignments. I enjoy all genres but Especially comedy and action. You can count on me to suggest some good Movies.

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