Renewal of Anne with an E – Season 4

We miss Anne Shirley Cuthbert. Oh so gravely. The revival of the old classic book Anne of Green Gables with Netflix’s popular series Anne with an E is something that has managed to make its place in the heart of the audience.

Up till season 3 of the series, we have witnessed how Anne’s life has changed over the course of time. From being an orphan who had been mistreated at every step of her life to finding a home at Green Gables, we have lived Anne’s story with her. Which is why we couldn’t believe that there are no apparent signs of a season 4.

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In November last year, Netflix had announced that the series would not be returning for season 4. However, recently, all the fans have started a Renew Anne with An E Campaign. People are dying to see Anne and Gilbert embark on a new journey of life together. I for one stand fully in support of the campaign and would love to go on more adventures with Anne! We can’t wait for season 4 of the series and witnessing people’s enthusiasm, there is a hope that the series WILL be renewed.

Maryam Farooq

Hey, How you doin'? (Joey Tribiani for the win) Unrealistic expectations and too much caffeine are two things that describe me as a person. Low-key obsessed with the 18 and 19th century. Calm sunrise and pretty sunsets are what I live for.

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8 Responses

  1. ella says:

    Very pleasant and wholesome show. It also brings us back to the old when people are innocent, and aware of the Deity. Looking forward to season 4 and beyond.

  2. Sylvia looez says:

    Ohhhh please we deserve it .

  3. Sylvia looez says:

    Please review for a couple more seasons we need to know the endings of most of the characters the viewers deserve it we’re dedicated viewers to Netflix and this mini series of and with Anne with an E please reconsider for our sake

  4. Ana says:


  5. Jean Austin says:

    Dare we dream that it may continue? It has notably become an institution for those who have been starved of a rich, cultural drama depicting a place we can all call home; with characters we would happily join arms with as friends and family. We were drawn in with so much emotion now we are left with a seering devotion. There’s nothing to there to catch us as we fall back into the abyss off daily horror stories.
    Yours truly x

  6. Debbie Kosinski says:

    So few good, wholesome TV shows that my entire family enjoys. It breaks my heart to think season 3 may be the last. Please do the world a deff of kindness and continue with a season 4 and beyond.

  7. Cathy Pomaranski says:

    Love this….please make season 4
    Great story line, great acting, great issues brought forth

  8. Rae Cole says:

    I was told about Anne last weekend when I stayed with my friends, so when I came home I started watching it day and night until the end and now I read season four will not be renewed. I am so disappointed. They can’t do that to us. It is such a beautiful series.

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