Reason why ‘I am not okay with this’ 2020 should or should not be watched

For all the creepy, dark shows fans, here is another drop by Netflix, ‘I am not okay with this’ Netflix series. Yes, based on the 2017 novel by Charles Forsman, a dark and a freaky show to creep you out, is out there. But, before you start, you should know what all the show is all about, because this being a very spooky show may not be liked by many viewers. So, if you have an idea you would know if it is your type or not, and hence here is my review of ‘I am not okay with this’ Netflix series.

‘I am not okay with this’ Netflix Series: Plot

The basic plot of ‘I am not okay with this’ Netflix Series. revolves around the character of a teenage spooky girl ‘Sydney’, played by Sophia Lillis, who is devastated with her father’s death and does not get along with her mother. In addition, she faces high school problems like every other teenager, with dating and standing up to bullying and a twisted crush on her best friend.

However, what is not so natural about her life is that she discovers some superpowers which she is not able to manage herself. This dark and creepy side of her keeps her doing things that she has no control on. It is when her rage, anger, fear, emotions, or embarrassment moods come that her powers show. At home, she is friendly with her brother, and adores her best friend while hating her boyfriend ‘Brad’. She also has some confusing relation with her neighbor ‘Stanley’ who has feelings for her, but she does not.

I am not okay with ‘I am not with this’

Well, to tell the truth, the show seems too boring and the dark side of Sydney could also not bring much light to it. However, the individual performance of each actor in ‘I am not okay with this’ Netflix series, was marvelous. It was an exquisite experience to see each actor getting so involved in the character that each had its own traits which were made visible with perfection.

But, still the show is actually not able to grab much of attention as it does not have much to offer. Only the people, who enjoy extreme dark and spooky stuff with a touch of mystery and horror, would love this show. Although, the great effort of Sydney’s character with all it weirdness and freakishness try to make ‘I am not okay with this’ Netflix series comic, but, it still cannot show the comic angle as in the original comic book.

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I am okay with the time and episode number

Yes, even though the script didn’t seem as strong as the book, but, the timing of each episode handled the script well. Netflix here, in ‘I am not okay with this’ Netflix series, made an exception with the timing of episodes. Usually, a Netflix show has an episode of 45 minutes which also increases to 1 hour or more in different shows.

However, in ‘I am not okay with this’, Netflix series, the episodes are only about 20 to 25 minutes. Also, the numbers of episodes are only 7. This helps a viewer to stick by the show and watch it till the end in one go. And so, it is much easier to binge-watch and enjoy for some time despite the boring plot, the rush in the episodes keeps you intact to finish the show. This I think might be a nice tactic as people nowadays prefer to watch shorter shows and movies.

Well, finally, there are no words for a second season, but as the first season has ended on such a confusing and mysterious note, we can always expect a season 2. May be with season 2 when things become clearer, the show would enhance.

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