Messiah Netflix Series Complete Review 2020

Let’s hop on a roller coaster of confusion which you don’t know will lead where. Yes, Netflix New Year’s first creation in the attempt of creating an eschatological thriller—is just like a roller coaster ride. Just like in a roller coaster ride, you don’t know what turn it will take; you can never guess what will happen next in Messiah Netflix Series either. And, like the end of the roller coaster is like a slow pace landing from a bouncy ride, Messiah also has a soft end without revealing much.

Messiah Netflix Series: Plot

The story revolves around ‘Al-Masih’, played by Mehdi Dehbi, who is actually the whole suspense of the show. Who is he? Is he Anti-Christ, a saint, or just an ordinary con man? The whole is a bunch of miracles of Messiah who every time proves his powers. Like when he fights thunderstorms, or guesses people’s secrets, or walks on water.

At the same time, the investigation led by CIA Case Officer ‘Eva Geller’, played by Michelle Monaghan, we find out that he might be a con man as he was brought by his uncle who was a trickster who did magic and had taught him the art of illusionism, as well. His name was Payam Golshiri, and he once suffered from a psychiatric disorder that he always wanted people to notice him and due to this condition, lied, as well. This led us thinking if he actually is Anti-Christ or just an insane con man.

On the other hand, ‘Aviram Dahan’ another officer who is basically trying to protect the country, played by Tomer Sisley, also tries to catch Al-Masih as he seems like a threat. Eventually, he ends up abducting Al-Masih and in the last episode, they were on a plane when the US government blasted the plane to end the problem for once and for all. However, in the last scene, it seems like not just Al-Masih survived, but also managed to save other travelers from the plane through some magic and that they are in poppies field where a shepherd tells Aviram who saved them.

Now, the question comes back as to who he is?

This is where the audience is left unanswered—wondering about the Messiah Netflix series.

Interesting moments in Messiah Netflix Series:

A slow yet interesting treat for the eye For the folks who are interested in slow-paced, in-the-moment shows, this is a perfect show but, if you get anxiety when ending is not given, then you should probably not go this side. The reason is that the whole is a perfect combination of twists, miracles, and suspense. They have managed to maintain the audiences’ curiosity till the end of the main character’s identity.

They have balanced between both the points so that the viewers do not get it at all. So, it keeps us intact to the screens. Other than this, the performances, acting, direction, camerawork, and animations are topnotch. However, the only problem is that it seemed sketchy, i.e., it did not inform even in the end about the reality of the character, which maybe because of the new season.

However, even if it is, then it seems a bit dragged with only miracles, flashbacks, and backstories. If they didn’t want to show the actual suspense in this season, they could have reduced the show, maybe by decreasing no. of episodes or timing of an episode.

Hence, I feel that the Messiah Netflix series is a bit hyped created, overrated show, which got the majority audience due to the religious controversy revolved around it, and the fact that it is a Netflix series. But, still, I repeat, if you enjoy stories which forward slowly and are more interested in between episodes than the climax, then these are perfect for you. And for those, who do not enjoy a show without the perfect ending, I suggest let’s wait for Messiah Netflix series season 2, which might contain answers!

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