Dracula Season 1 – Nun Agatha Van Helsing

Dracula season 1 is here and we LOVE it. The Dracula series is a modern remake of Bam stroker’s classic story of Dracula. We are now able to enjoy the old classic with a new twist, all thanks to the creators of Sherlock.

Season 1 of the Dracula series has just been launched. It can be seen on Netflix or BBC One. The first season contains three episodes, each about an hour and a half long.

Dracula season 1 review

The first season of the Dracula series is impressive. It contains just the right mix of a gripping story, gore, and wit, enough to make us watch all the episodes in one go. To add a cherry on top, the Dracula Season 1 has also revealed some interesting changes in the original storyline!

It’s now time to talk about the Dracula series revelation that managed to shock us. Dracula Season 1 reveals that Nun Agatha isn’t just Nun Agatha, she’s Agatha Van Helsing l!!

Dracula Series Original Story Characters:

In case you’re not familiar with the story, van Helsing is the character that is supposed to be the Savior in the Dracula series. Originally, the role of Agatha was just that of a nurse who helps Jonathan Harken after he has the unfortunate experience of meeting Count Dracula. However, the makers of Sherlock decided to extend her role. In the Dracula Season 1, Agatha Van Helsing can be seen as the main hero of the story, trying hard to bring down the horrid Count Dracula.

While the revelation was an unexpected one, it is still a good twist to the original story. It adds newness to the season. Now, all we’re left with after the ending episode is one question, will there be a season 2 ??

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