Anne with an E Netflix Season and its Origin

It seems Anne with an E Netflix Season is based on the Early 1900’s era and Seasons 2 showed significant historical events throughout history. Things like the end of the slave trade, and the gold rush.

Origin of Anne with an E Netflix Season:

Back in that time, people didn’t really think much of a young girl marrying an older man. Whereas today, its sometimes frowned upon. I for one would like to see Anne with An E go far as the 1980’s TV mini-series Anne of Green Gables did with Megan Follows. That series went from her being adopted, going to college, having a carrier and getting married, all the way until she and Gilbert adopted a child.

I for one would like to see Anne with an E span all the way into her adult life. I would love it if Netflix had the Original series Anne of Green Gables with Megan Follows on Netflix, but you’d probably be able to get it on Amazon Prime. But it would look way better if both the 1980’s series Anne of Green Gables and the adaptation to it Anne with an E were both on Netflix. Because it’s clear that Anne with an E is an adaptation of the Original.
I remember thinking, when I first saw Anne with an E on Netflix, that it must be based on Anne of Gren Gables.

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Wanna Buy Anne of Green Gables Book:

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