Anne with an E: Diana Barry

Ever had that one friend who is like your other half, who finishes your sentences and can read your mind? Well, let me introduce you to Diana Barry. I mean, she’s not our friend but we wish we had a Diana Barry in our life.

Diana Barry: Netflix TV series Anne with an E

Apart from being the daughter of George and Mrs. Barry, the older sister of Minnie May, and everyone’s crush in high school, Diana Barry is the main character, Anne’s “bosom friend” and the main character herself. Portrayed by Dalila Bela in the infamous Netflix TV series Anne with an E, Diana Barry is an absolute sweetheart.

She is a kind-hearted girl and though not as imaginative as her friend Anne, she is more down to earth and supportive as a friend. This is the friend you share everything with and make all kinds of plans with like going to the mall or back in the 1890s have decided whether or not to talk to boys in school.

Anne and Diana:

This pair of besties has a unique and touching story. The two met when Anne moves to Green Gables. As an orphan, she finds it difficult to fit in and worries if she will be accepted by the people of Green Gables. She gets bullied at school and of course, that’s how all… most… okay, some friendships begin, with support… not bullying. This is where our beloved Diana stands up for Anne against her friends and schoolmates. I mean that’s badass. This alone shows how our duo has a place in their hearts for those who are wronged.

Love & Friendship:

Their friendship continues to grow through the season and with each step Diana proves to be a loyal friend. The two continue their friendship even when Mrs. Barry, Diana’s mother forbids it. This is what I love about this character. She is so loyal and loving towards her friend that there is no force greater than that love. This character shows that love exists in many forms and one of them is friendship and finding a good friend is harder than finding a soulmate.

Diana and Gilbert:

These two are not exactly a couple in the eye of the audience but they both have a special spot in their hearts for Anne. Yes, this is a best friend vs. boyfriend situation… well, not exactly versus. The two were actually good friends. They both were acquainted with the school. Both not threatened by each other, they have Anne’s best interests at heart.

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