Top 4 Impactful Scenes of Stranger Things

Stranger Things… I love and It is my favorite Netflix Season. So, Today I’m going to tell you about the Top 4 Impactful Scenes of Stranger Things.

4 Impactful Scenes of Stranger Things:

Billy’s sacrifice:

In season 3, we see how the Mind Flayer starts to take over the minds of few citizens of Hawkins and one of them is Billy Hargrove. Billy is portrayed as a bully in Hawkins, so it’s easier to hate the guy. As his mind is taken over by the Mind Flayer he starts to get violent in order to the things he’s being told to do. In chapter 8, season 3, Billy is almost about to kill Eleven when she tries for one last time to speak to the real Billy and succeeds. In that tiniest moment, he has flashbacks about his mother, and instead of Eleven, sacrifices himself to save everyone. In that moment, we learned to feel sorry for the bad guy.

Max and Eleven bonding:

At the end of season 2, we see Max and Eleven getting off on the wrong foot and probably not getting along as well but in season 4, when Eleven is worried about Mike lying to her, she seeks Max for advice. To get her mind off of Mike, Max takes Eleven to the glorious mall and there the two have an amazing time away from the boys, just shopping and taking pictures and spilling drinks on people with Eleven’s telekinetic powers. The scene shows Eleven taking one of many steps in the real world around her with a best friend beside her.

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The boys growing up:

Season 4 shows a lot of the characters’ inner struggles since everything has since cooled off. Every character is dealing with Hawkins and the wonders that come with it while growing up. Will eyes glisten when he looks back at his time with friends. He wants to go back in time so he gathers his friend in a desperate attempt to bring back the good times. But the rest of the boys are too busy in real life. That’s when Mike makes Will realize that they’re “not kids anymore”. This scene really makes us realize that kids are growing up.

Eleven saves the boys (…the first time):

In season 1, the boys are bullied a lot by one of their school mates, Troy Walsh. He finds the boys outside of school by a cliff, while he’s with his friend. He takes out a pocket knife and threatens Mike if he doesn’t jump off the cliff, he’ll use it on Dustin. In order to save his dear friend, Mike jumps off and lo and behold, Mike doesn’t fall, instead starts to fly up and lands safely on the ground. Turns out Eleven saves them and scares off the bully.

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