4 Impactful Scenes of Anne with an E Season

Be it drama or light-hearted fun, our favorite Anne with an E season has it all.

Another thing that the series has an abundance of, is moments that tug at our hearts. Here we have compiled a list of the 4 most impactful scenes of Anne with an E season that are totally aww-worthy.

4. Anne’s Silence:

Marilla tells Anne about Barry’s invitation and that they have a daughter the same age as Anne’s. Thrilled by the thought of finally making a friend, Anne tries her best to leave a good impression on Barry’s. Much to Marilla’s (and our) surprise, Anne decides to keep quiet because she wants Mrs. Barry to see how well behaved she is. Now while it might come across as something very ordinary, it really is an extraordinary feat – specifically for someone like Anne.

Anne with an E Season


The thought that Anne is unaware of the beautiful bond of friendship and craves it so dearly is something that filled our hearts with love (and sympathy) for Anne. It also made us realize how blessed we are to enjoy such ordinary yet extraordinary blessings like that of friendship. Anne’s friendship with Diana is definitely something that we love !

3. Marilla’s Sentiments

Although we had eventually come to love the soft-hearted Marilla who lives under the tough exterior, I for one felt my affection for the character reach new heights when we got to know her story. Marilla’s tragic tale of love with Gilbert’s father, John Blythe had us crying. “Obligation can be a prison” , says Marilla as she stands in front of his grave and rightly so.

The fact that Marilla had to give up what her heart desired in order to full fill get obligation made us understand the character a lot more than we had before.

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2. Anne Finally belongs

Of course, the scene where Anne signs the family Bible HAD to make it to the list. It wasn’t just Anne’s eyes filled up with tears of joy when she was asked to sign the Bible, it was us too. Anne Shirley becoming Anne Shirley Cuthbert was indeed a most impactful scene!

1. Matthews Daughter

As much as we love the Bible signing scene, nothing comes close to the scene that we chose as the one with the MOST impact in all of season one. An estranged Anne is telling Matthew to back off and not bother her because she’s trying to earn her livelihood.

When the men on the station inquire if there’s a problem and if Matthew is bothering Anne, Matthew says the words Anne probably had been waiting her whole life to hear, “She’s my daughter”. (We’re not crying, you are) . Anne finally has a family, that filled our hearts with joy!

All in all, Anne with an E series is filled with heartwarming moments and we just can NOT wait to see more seasons of the series!

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